Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Body Painting World 2012

This year, the festival attracted over 24,000 visitors. Professional makeup artists from 42 countries competed for the World Championship. Apart from body painting, the WBF brings art, music and different shows together making this a magical experience.

world bodypainting 2012

The 2012 is going to be the 15th anniversary of the World Bodypainting Festival and it will be held in Pörtschach. Austria. The event week is scheduled for July 2-8, 2012. It is highly recommended to register early especially for the WBF academy as there are limited seats available for each workshop in 2012.

fres body painting trend

The history of makeup and beauty enhancement dates back to the Greeks and Romans who used eye shadow, eye liner and lip stain. Many would agree that Indian and African tribes who painted their faces and bodies to prepare for hunting, war and marriage were using primitive makeup.

Trend Makeup Tradition

Several Middle Eastern countries have traditions relating to decorating the face and body in some form or another. I particularly love the Hindu application of Mehndi, the delicate designs that are applied to the hands and feet of a Hindu bride. Lawsonia Inermis is the plant that is used to make the henna mixture, sometimes people refer to the beautiful patterns and symbols as Henna. The paste made from the henna plant is not permanent but it can last up to 3 weeks.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Art of Mehndi

To get the dye, the leaves are taken and dried and then ground into powder. Usually this powder is turned into paste and then applied to the skin. At first, the color of the stain it leaves is orange in color. However, within 24 hours that stain will turn a reddish-brown.

Henna Temporary Tattoos

Henna transfer tattoos look great around the ankle, along the thigh, around the wrist or arm or along the neck. They go with virtually any look and generally will last 3-5 days. Easy, inexpensive and fashionable: these traits make the henna transfer tattoo an excellent fashion accessory

Apply Henna Effectively

The activity of applying henna is popular across the globe, and in some parts of the world henna is also known as mehndi, nevertheless the popularity of this art remains high almost everywhere it goes. Henna designs come in many different shapes and designs, though the most popular three mehndi styles in existence today are the Indian mehndi designs, the Pakistan mehndi designs and the Arabic mehndi designs.
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