Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Orthopedic Surgical Instrument Sets - Minimize Musculoskeletal Disorder Risk

Orthopedic surgical instrument sets are known to be extremely effective in reducing risks related to musculoskeletal disorder. Here is an information related to useful Orthopedic surgical instrument sets and their terms and phrases to help you know about these instruments in detail:

a) Instrument sets:
These are instrument sets and equipments used in various surgical operations. These are available in a tray series. When it comes to orthopedic surgery, instrument sets are larger in size. Each set of instruments is known to contain more than twenty trays.
b) Trays:
These are usually made of stainless steel trays with lids and measure 600mm x 290mm x 150mm for orthopedics. These trays weigh up to eleven kilograms.
c) Loan sets:
These are instrument sets often land by suppliers to hospitals. These instruments are also transported to and from supply warehouses and hospitals.
d) Containers:
These are helpful in transporting large trays in boxes or containers that protect instruments and trays. A large container may weigh up to fifty kilograms or even more when packed with full trays. It is important for the trays to be packed into and out of containers at the supplier's premises and the hospital.
e) Hazardous manual handling:
This term has been defined as the following in the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 1999. Manual handling contains any of the following characteristics:
o High force application
o Sustained or repetitive force application
o Sustained vibration exposure
o Sustained or repetitive awkward posture
o Sustained or repetitive movement
f) Identification of tray or container:
It is important to use a consistent identification system or coding to avoid any unnecessary tray or container handling. The examples of coding or tray identification go as the following:
o Labels with details of procedure, patient surgeons.
o Easy-to-interpret number or color codes
o Check lists in the order similar to implants or instruments
o Digital check-in photos

The design of containers utilized in the process of loan sets delivery needs to be durable, sturdy, weatherproof and light in weight. The area where the handles are fitted need to be at least 5mm long, cylindrical with a non-slip finish, possess a clearance of at least 50mm to let the hand comfortably hold the handle and a diameter of about 20 to 40 mm.

Other requisite instruments include the following:
a) Adjustable height trolleys or work surfaces for loan set containers packing
b) Trolleys that are apt for secure delivery of the containers
c) Large trolley wheel to help access lift
d) A vehicle with ramp or loader for easy accessibility

The sterilizing section requires the following instrument sets:
a) Automatic sterilizer loaders
b) Trolleys that have adjustable height surfaces in conjunction with slide surfaces or roller to facilitate unloading.
c) Adjustable height work benches for wrapping and packing

All the above mentioned orthopedic surgical instrument sets are known to reduce risk of musculoskeletal disease. Hence, it is necessary to make sure that you have adequate knowledge about all the orthopedic surgical instrument sets and their specific terms.

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